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Relevant Information

Women reading information

1. The Eye Examination

2. Childrens Eyecare

3. 10 Reasons for an Eye Examination

4. Common Eye Diseases and Problems

5. Retinal Detachment

6. Age Related Macular Degeneration (AMD)

7. Eye Health for Diabetics

8. Squint

9. Night Vision

10. What is Presbyopia

11. Are you a danger on the road

12. Understanding Glaucoma

13. Understanding Cataracts

14. Red Eye or Conjunctivitis

15. Flashes and Floaters

16. Screening - OCT

17. Myopia Management

Leaflets (only available to download)

May be used during your examination

Anaesthetic Eye Drops

Cycloplegic Dilating Drops

Dilating Drops

Lid Care


Hotspoon Bathing

Eye examination costs for Employers for VDU and Safety Spectacles

Price list for Eye Examinations of employees and supply of VDU Spectacles

Price list for Eye Examinations or employees and supply of Safety Spectacles