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Image Credit: Dunelm Frames WHIZKIDS COMANCHE_SQUAW MODEKIDS GO FREELooking after your child’s health is an important element of being a parent, yet  when it comes to your child’s eye health many families are seemingly in the dark.Here are some eye-opening points about children’s eyecare that we want all  parents to know:Students in further education may qualify for  financial help for eye tests and to buy glasses  or contact lenses.  Children spend more time outside, and like skin,  their eyes need protection from UV rays with the  use of sunglasses.Image credit: Tono Balaguer / 123RF Stock PhotoC4 Sightcare have a proud tradition  of catering for children of all ages  when it comes to eye care.  Think about your eyes UV CampaignImage Credit: Dunelm Frames WHIZKIDS COMANCHE_SQUAW MODECharlie Bear for Cancer CareC4 Sightcare Proud sponsors of