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Briot Glazing Equipment

If you have broken your spectacles we can also help. We produce most single vision spectacles within an hour, repair broken spectacles and can even fit (reglaze) your own lenses into a new spectacle frame in an emergency.

Like your existing frame? No problem we can reglaze your spectacles with your new prescription.  If the lenses are
non-stock we will order them in and contact you to bring in your spectacles in at your convenience and usually reglaze within 1 hour.

Most of the spectacle lens glazing is done on the premises to ensure that your spectacles are glazed to the highest possible standards.  We glaze the following lenses into all styles of frames Plastic, Metal, Supra & Rimless:

Within 1 Hour

Standard plastic
Mid Index (1.6)

Within 3-5 days

All High Index lenses
Tinted (prescription sunglasses)

The exception to this is with some rimless frames & surfaced lenses (high plus prescriptions - to make sure you get the best possible finish), which we send out to a specialist glazing company.


At C4 Sightcare we believe in a quality, high speed service.

Our Morpeth Practice is equipped with a state of the art computerised glazing lab.

We hold a comprehensive range of single vision stock lenses including Thin & Lite lenses with Anti-Reflection coating. We also stock Nikon 1.6 lenses.

This means many of our patients can have their new spectacles in around an hour.

1 Hour Glazing Service

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