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Anaesthetic Eye Drops

Cycloplegic Dilating Drops

Dilating Drops

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Hotspoon Bathing

Eye examination costs for Employers for VDU and Safety Spectacles.

Price list for Eye Examinations of employees and supply of VDU Spectacles

Price list for Eye Examinations or employees and supply of Safety Spectacles

1. The Eye Examination

2. Childrens Eyecare

3. NHS Entitlement

4. 10 Reasons for an Eye Examination

5. Common Eye Diseases and Problems

6. Retinal Detachment

7. Age Related Macular Degeneration (AMD)

8. Eye Health for Diabetics

9. Squint

10. Night Vision

11. What is Presbyopia

12. Are you a danger on the road

13. Understanding Glaucoma

14. Understanding Cataracts

15. Red Eye or Conjunctivitis

16. Flashes and Floaters

17.Screening - OCT

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