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Spectacles - The Right Frame

There is a fantastic choice of frame styles and colours to choose from.  But how do you make sure you pick the right ones for your complexion?

We are here to help you of course, but you may want to consider the following few tips to help you look and feel great:

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Pale Complexions

Lightweight metal frames, or those with a hint of colour such as rose or amber, can look good. Clear crystal frames are too colourless for most pale complexions, but tortoiseshell can often work well.

Dark Complexions

People with olive, Mediterranean, golden or
Asian skin and rich black
hair often look best in
silver, gold or clear

Black frames can be too
heavy even if they are
quite trendy.

Black Skin

All metallic frames suit
black skins.

Amber usually works well too.  Other colours are worth trying but black may be too heavy.

Frame Selection

Whatever you choose, couple the frames with plastic or glass lenses, and an anti-reflective coating, and you will have a pair of glasses that are functional as they are good looking.


With so many lenses and styles to choose
from it’s easy to be confused so let us help
you make the right choice.  

We offer expert advice –
buying sunglasses from
us means that you can be
sure that they fit correctly
and are perfect for you
and your Lifestyle.


Your spectacles are guaranteed for a full twelve months against breakage due to faulty workmanship.

However we suggest that your spectacles are checked every six months for comfort and performance. Spectacles become loose with wear, as do their component screws.  

Ensure that they are
kept secure and
comfortable by taking
advantage of
this free service.