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SightCare Plan - FAQ’s

What is the cost to me?

The SightCare Plan costs £6.00 per month per person with no joining fee.

Is there a minimum term?

Yes - There is a 12 month minimum contract.

If you visit us once per year you have saved £12 before taking into account any other benefits

Can I choose the date you take my payment?

Yes - You can choose the 1st or the 15th of each month (payment will be collected on the first working day following the chosen date)

What other benefits are included?

SightCare Plan members receive 10% discount across spectacles, (including non-prescription eye-wear such as sunglasses or ready-readers), eye drops, solutions and accessories.

You will also have the option to spread spectacle payments over 10 interest-free payments by adding them to your direct debit.

I already pay a contact lens direct debit - do I need to join the Sightcare plan too?

No - Your contact lens direct debit already includes your comprehensive eye examination and gives you access to the same benefits as a Sightcare plan member.

I would prefer to pay as I go can I still pay per appointment?

Yes, absolutely.

The charge for our comprehensive eye examination is £84.00 per appointment.

I don’t usually pay for my Sight Test – does this still apply to me?

Yes. We no longer offer NHS funded Sight Tests.

NHS funded Sight Tests do not cover the cost of extended appointment times and advanced instrumentation such as OCT scans and digital retinal photography. These advanced scans allow us to detect early signs of eye disease and monitor conditions in-house and can often avoid unnecessary visits to the hospital.

The NHS have become increasingly restrictive on sight testing intervals and many people who are used to being tested annually are now only entitled to an NHS funded appointment once every two years.

Our SightCare plan allows us to offer annual tests to anyone who would benefit from regular monitoring and comes with the reassurance that you can be seen sooner whenever you feel there is a change in your vision or eye health.

What about my family?

Children are welcome to benefit from our SightCare plan too. To support local families we have introduced family plans – please contact our reception team for more details

How do I join the SightCare Plan?

Please speak to our reception team to join our SightCare Plan and start receiving your membership benefits.

Morpeth Branch Tel: 01670 518612

Newcastle Branch Tel: 0191 232 1002

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