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2. Such reports should be made promptly so that investigation may proceed and any action taken expeditiously.


3. All allegations of discrimination or harassment will be taken seriously.  The  allegation will be promptly investigated and, as part of the investigatory process,  you will be interviewed and asked to provide a witness statement setting out the  details of your complaint.  Confidentiality will be maintained during the investigatory process to the extent that this is practical and appropriate in the  circumstances.  However, in order to effectively investigate an allegation, the  Company must be able to determine the scope of the investigation and the  individuals who should be informed of or interviewed about the allegation.  

4. Once the investigation has been completed, you will be informed of the outcome  and the Company’s conclusions.  

5. The Company is committed to taking appropriate action with respect to all  complaints of discrimination or harassment on the ground of disability which are  upheld.

6. You will not be penalised for raising a complaint, even if it is not upheld, unless your complaint was both untrue and made in bad faith.

Alternatively, you may if you wish use the Company’s grievance procedure to make a complaint.

Any employee who is found to have discriminated against or harassed another employee on the ground of disability in violation of this policy will be subject to disciplinary action under the Company’s disciplinary procedure.  Such behaviour may be treated as gross misconduct and could render the employee liable to summary dismissal.  In addition, line managers who had knowledge that such discrimination or harassment had occurred in their departments but who had taken no action to eliminate it will also be subject to disciplinary action under the Company’s disciplinary procedure.

Monitoring equal opportunity and dignity at work for disabled employees

The Company will regularly monitor the effects of selection decisions and personnel and pay practices and procedures in order to assess whether equal opportunity and dignity at work are being achieved for disabled people.

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