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Health and Safety Policy

It is our policy that staff and patients should be safe and we recognise our responsibilities in regard to this.

A risk assessment has been carried out and action taken where required. This will be reviewed on a regular basis.

Employees and locums must co-operate to maintain safe systems of work at all times.  They must also take care of their own safety, that of fellow workers, patients and anyone else on the premises.

Employees and locums must be familiar with the practice procedures and policies

Critical and Safety Incidents

· Minor incidents in the practice should be recorded in the practice diary and on the following sheet.

· Critical Incidents involving patient safety or service availability should be reported to Primary Care Trust and/or the National Patient Safety Agency and /or the Medicines and Healthcare products regulatory agency.

· NHS healthcare incidents should be reported at:

Patient Safety - NHS

· Safety issues with medicines or products should be reported at:

Medicines and Healthcare Agency