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Today, polarized glasses are universally recommended and recognised to be the best Sunglasses there are.

How do polarized glasses work?

Light rays reach us in one of 3 ways:

We naturally take precautions against direct light, but pay less attention to reflected light. Some light is reflected from any surface, but the amount increases when the reflecting surface is light coloured and reflective (like snow, sand or water).

Polarised lenses include a polarising film that can distinguish between different sorts of light, and only lets through light rays that don’t dazzle and are “useful” for vision.

It acts like a sort of Microscopic Venetian blind, eliminating glare by blocking just the irritating light rays.

Who should consider Polarized glasses?

Demand the best from your sunglasses

Think about your eyes UV Campaign

Polarizing film with a “Venetian blind effect”

Flat Surface

Reflected Light

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